Business Analytics

These posters were created from photos of rapid whiteboard sketches at the Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Summit – in Sydney February 2016.




Each whiteboard was done rapidly (about seven minutes), photographed … and erased a short while later.  (The whiteboard sketches were based on interviews with passers-by at conference.)



The interviews were about the way people use analytics – and what further needs they might wish for in an analytics App.

Analytics for web


I asked a principal solutions engineer for key highlights in the Apps he is able to develop with customers.  This drawing took longer; and we adapted it with the whiteboard eraser.  About 15 minutes later, it was photographed and rubbed out.  And I created this refined version in Photoshop, back at my office.



This guy had a fascinating story about his business. I could have talked to him about it for hours.  Exciting journey!


Roger Harvey by Quadramedia