A Story about the Love of Drawing for Fun

Relax and Enjoy some doodling

This is a story about the love of mindless drawing.  Small sketches made when, perhaps, the mind is elsewhere.  A classic example is the doodles that appear when a person is on the phone, and their pen-hand has free reign.  I believe that such absent-minded drawings have a sense of spirit.  When the hand is loose and free-flowing … when there is no objective or desired endpoint … well then, who knows what will be discovered.

fisherman and elephant

Above:  You don’t have to be a talented artist

The Feel of Newsprint

I love drawing on newsprint.  It has just the right tooth (texture), and is a nice shade of off-white.  Sketches can incorporate whatever happens to be on the newspaper’s page, further adding to the sense of adventure and creativity.

Sydney Morning Herald header

Above:  Drawn in a cafe while on family holiday last summer

It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

I recommend keeping your pen active, when you have paper and time to spare.  You may be on the phone; or talking with friends; perhaps sitting in a cafe and daydreaming.  Give your hand a pen, and let it wander off.  The trails it leaves can be fun … surprising … and fun!

mindless steel

Above:  I don’t know what that thing is on the left … maybe steel barnacles?

“Concept on the Napkin”

I have kept many hundreds of simple sketches, and glued them into various books.  They are of no use to anyone, but bring me lots of pleasure when I look back on them.

sketch idea on napkin

Above:  Drawn on a cafe napkin, then taken home and glued into scrapbook

Don’t Let Your Mind Know About Your Pen

If you are on the puzzles page, a doodle may appear while your mind is elsewhere … on crossword or word puzzle.

golf crossword sketch

Above:  Drawn while doing the nine-letter challenge in Sydney Morning Herald

What is That Supposed to Be?!

Simplicity can capture the essence of an image.  This Formula One doodle is way out of whack, but still approximates an F1 weapon.

F1 Concept Sketch

Above: Roughshod F1 sketch on newsprint

Nuts and Bolts of It

Robots are lots of fun.  You can ‘assemble’ them, by inventing each section … and having no rules of anatomy.

cranky robots

Above:    A couple of newsprint bolt-heads.  I really enjoy doing robots.

Getting More Advanced with Hobby Sketching

I take a few coloured pencils if I’m on a plane, or staying away for an extended time.  If I like something mindlessly drawn, I might then add some pencil or texta to it.

holiday sketching on Good Weekend

Above:  I toyed at drawing a person onto a newspaper advertisement for a lounge.  It was more fun than I realised.  This unplanned drawing is now a recent favourite.

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are a good starting point.  Just scribble the whackiest set of eye-balls you can imagine.  And then start adding something to them.  I often start with two circles.  Once the irises are added, the personality is there, and can speak to what sort of idiotic sketch then appears.

crab Meep Meep

Above:  Eyeballs on newsprint; which then grew a crab’s body.  Try it … it can be fun!

There Are No Rules … Welcome to the Pig Pen

The messier the better.  Remember – there are no rules.  No-one to please.  Get ugly.  Be sloppy.  Make your marks, and then build on them.  Add some cross-hatching.
What interests you?  I like skulls.

scribbled rough

Above:  Inexplicable hobo juggler, skull and bear-trap

More Newsprint Fodder

thumbnail pot plant

Letters page doodle