Robotics cartoons for the Information Technology Industry

How can you make a company’s IT re-launch more interesting?

Robotics cartoons

Answer: Animate its new software program.


Robotics cartoons for IT

A water utilities company’s information technology section engaged me to create a robot cartoon poster, to symbolise the roll-out of their upgraded IT system.  They had a basic storyline.  We collaborated, and re-developed the story.  I designed a robot to suit the script.  We then fine-tuned the cartoon strip depicting this IT robot’s arrival.

Initial IT robot sketches

Designing the robot

Middle phases of character design.  My client sought feedback from peers, and the robot began to take shape.  People in the office were becoming interested in the project …

later versions robot design process

Approved final artwork.  The robot was complete now, and we brought him to life with colour.

IT robot final design

Involving the IT team

As the cartoon developed, we got more feedback from the office.  What about the actual building being used?  Working from a couple of reference photos, we added the HQ into cartoon strip.


Corporate headquarters sketch from photographs

Symbolising the company as an entity

To illustrate the utilities company, I designed a simplistic metaphor of its overall assets.  We used this to show the current state of affairs, prior to new IT roll-out.
Below: the existing software robot has been struggling to maintain support for the IT network

thumbnail of company assets

With new robot design complete, we then began adding metaphorical features to represent different applications within the new software bundle

Robot's IT features explained

Various divisions of IT group

This frame represents existing software programs – and the arrival of the new upgraded (robot) system.  Various sections of the IT team were keen to ensure their departments all appeared in the cartoon poster.  And someone wanted a dog on the boundary fence …

IT systems integrated with robot

We included IT staff in the cartoon, to make it more personable.   Here; they are happy with new system’s reliability and performance. By now, the IT office was a-buzz with the idea of it all – their promotional cartoon poster

IT staff incorporated into story


The IT team members were pleased with having a cartoon strip included in the IT launch.  So much so, that they sought a model-maker to create a 3D mockup of the robot for the office. The robot had a name, and IT users throughout the company came to know him. Nobody could ignore the fact that a new software package was being launched for this water utilities company’s IT system!