Corporate Events

A cartoonist for AGMs and staff training seminars

I work with companies at AGMs and staff training seminars.  Sitting at rear of room (so as not to distract proceedings), I illustrate A3 posters and progressively pin them up around the walls.  Attendees can study them during the day’s breaks, and the company keeps the posters at end of the day.  I also supply digital, refined copies the next day – with the option of a large, edited and combined digital poster of entire event.

I have worked at AGMs for major banks and at training days for offshore workers. I have also sat in on product development and motivational seminars for sales managers and staff.


pinless transaction1.  A major EFT card held its AGM, and I was called in to illustrate on the day. They had placed a toy robot by each attendee’s seat … symbolising digital automation. I drew posters of the robot character, incorporating the day’s main themes.  They loved it.  At the end of the day, all posters were laid out on a table.  To signify their commitment to the day’s pledges and goals for the next 12 months, attendees were asked to sign one of the various posters.  It was a unique way to orchestrate close-out and final conference exit.


IT services for project manager2.  A major commercial property company’s IT management had done a survey – what exactly did their workforce want from its IT team?  They had dozens of pages of feedback, yet couldn’t really get a handle on it.  I was called in.  I sat with the IT team, and we narrowed job descriptions down to 10 categories.  I put pressure on them to come up with quick, accurate summaries of the data; and how it related to each job description.  Every half hour, I went away and drew a poster depicting the pressures of one job role, and exactly what it relied upon from IT.  At the end of day, we had 10 posters across the table – graphic summaries of overall IT demands within the company.


oil platform posters for extended reach drill Dampier3.  An oil platform was embarking on a technically difficult project off Dampier, and ran 12 training days for crew and contractors. They covered leadership, OHS, environmental safety and the technical aspects of the job. I produced 80 posters, and created a booklet to be distributed to those involved. Copies went as far as Singapore and Denmark. This booklet is unique, and now a collectable asset. As long as someone is flicking through it, important messages are being reiterated.

Post-conference Data

The posters are photographed on the day, and then given to client on the spot. Digital files are prepared back at my office – for transmitting to the client. I can also develop this digital artwork into new promotional material (web posters, training material … or a whole booklet on the event) as may be requested by a client.

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