Year 12 Entrepreneurs
Management - Negotiator - Contracts - Stadiums - Sports Teams - Cartoon

Series of mission statement posters for The Scots College, Sydney. Turning HSC on its head

Networking – TSC course aligned with admission to UTS. Entrepreneurship as opposed to traditional HSC stream


The boys are asked for a favourite metaphor … five of them choose rugby fields.

Scholarship. Pathway to success, via The Scots College’s Applied Entrepreneurship Program which leads to University of Technology Sydney. Skills and ambitions


They refer to people who inspire them: teachers, parents and close friends. Some see themselves going back to the countryside, when looking towards future industries

Industrial ambitions in countryside NSW. Concept by Year 12 student at The Scots College. Created by sketchnoter Roger Harvey, Sydney


The posters can be quite personal, and touch on sensitivities and genuine self-knowledge. But also knowing where the future lays …

HSC – A new way into university


Being Sydney, you’d know a certain beach will turn up here. Turned into a vision for a digital future

Entrepreneurship poster for year 12 at The Scots College


Here’s a music festival – as metaphor. Mixed with some typical teenage bedroom angst …

Obstacles - vocation - strategic thinking - communication skills - trusted advisors and mentors
Obstacles and abilities. Within a music festival, and highlighting Year 12 boy’s mission statement for his future. Commissioned by The Scots College – created by Roger Harvey, technical cartoonist and sketchnoter, Sydney Australia


Coding. Circuitry of the future, as designed by a student

Educational poster for Scots College, Sydney Australia
Coding – Vocation and Scholarship at The Scots College, Sydney