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Corporate Cartoons Onsite at Conferences and Training Seminars

Sydney, interstate or overseas.  I will travel and support conferences, staff seminars, training workshops, health and OHS conferences – with my articulate, technical cartoon capture.

Graphic scribing – illustration – scripted multiframe cartoon strips – sketchnoting.  For project mapping, future visions, change management, safety programs, risk assessment and process diagrams.

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Cartoon posters that entertain and inform: a unique way to capture key messages at seminars, staff workshops, conferences and corporate AGMs - contact
Graphic scribing at business conferences, staff workshops and corporate AGMs - capturing the day's messages in a light but informative way - Roger Harvey, Sydney corporate cartoonist
A unique way to bring to life all Illustrations, maps, icons and scripted cartoon strips for print media, publishing, magazines and web
Cartoons are used in an illuminating way to bring your Illustrations, maps,and icons to life for print media, publishing, magazines and web
Graphic representation of digital services provided by internal IT groups within business. Promotional and introductory images for new corporate IT systems.
A different and innovative method to represent digital services provided by internal IT groups within business. Promotional and introductory images for new corporate IT systems.
Capture the audience and portray environmental issues through hand drawn cartoon posters that symbolize, delight and engage audiences all over
Cartoons created for the farming and environment are an innovative and novel way to capture the relevant issues
When you need to keep an audience engaged, you can't go wrong with cartoons to illustrate and encapsulate important messages in the healthy and safety areas.
Protect the safety of your workers with messages conveyed through cartoon posters that will encourage them to foster a safe and healthy work environment.
A creative and insightful way to introduce strategies and concepts for the extraction and drilling industry, both on and offshore that captures serious content in a fun way.
Key messages and strategies stay with the audience attendees for future reference as they take away powerful strategies through the art of cartoons created "live" at events.

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